In SkyEdit

The tower from the Just Dance 2017 alternate version of Worth It will show. The lighting changes throughout the song which features gold, magenta, and sky blue colors.There are flaming torches, ladders, stairs and windows. The windows are glowing. Sometimes, a sunshine appears during the verse. Pictures of Dylan, Trevor, and Oliver will show. The pictures will change from Dylan to Dylan Boyack, Trevor to Ashton Arbab, and Oliver to Louis Tomlinson.

On GroundEdit

Smoke will arise featuring gold, magenta, and sky blue colors.

Remix featuring Sean PaulEdit

Everything will be the same except that it will be decorated with dark red, yellow, brown, and green leaves. A giant animated turkey will be moving around. The tower will light brown on Sean Paul's part.


• This is an update from the original which was a pinkish orangeish sky and a pair of giant lips.

• The giant lips might be in another visual screenplay.

• This song was made a visual screenplay for Dylan.

• This visual screenplay of the Just Dance 2017 Alternate Version of Worth It was also tried with the song Make Me, This Girl, Say It, and Hands to Myself.



Just Dance 2017 Alternate Version of Worth It

11363667 1019610741402577 719822558 n~4

Dylan's comparison and similar outfit.

14478517 351963531803219 7785211862810886144 n~3

Trevor's comparison and similar outfit.


Oliver's comparison except wearing with a black jacket with gray sleeves.

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